Why should we work with Brightest Minds instead of someone else?

We’re quietly confident that you’ll be very happy with your decision to work with Brightest Minds. Here are ten reasons to consider.

1. You’ll get better sales leads. Unlike other sources of business leads, our advanced search is laser-focussed on exactly the types of sales prospects that you want. For example, Looking for CEOs at 10 people+ companies in the automotive industry that went to the recent Disrupt conference in London?  No problem. Looking for current IT recruitment specialists in the UK? No problem. It will take about 1 hour. Looking for SaaS Founders that are currently hiring? No problem. You will get the first 100 contacts in a few hours. You won’t get that with Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

2.You’ll work with a real, live human being, not some faceless database service or ad server. Your lead generator is an experienced and talented person who is fully equipped to find you fresh sales leads. You’ll be in direct contact and can ask questions or make changes to your campaigns at any time.

3. You’ll leverage your new leads more effectively thanks to our automated follow-up strategy.

We can process more contacts and deliver better quality compared to other services, as our follow-up strategy is cleverly automated to help you get a better return from your leads.

4. You’ll maintain a higher-quality CRM database. Your CRM new lead updates can be automated with the latest prospect replies so your data is always fresh.

5. You’ll be working with the best. All Brightest Minds lead generators are professionally trained and supercharged with the latest premium tools. Only the top 3% of candidates make it through our hiring selection & training process. We then monitor and coach performance continuously to ensure you are delighted with your campaigns.

6. Unlike other providers, we never reuse leads. We don’t reuse data related to your campaigns -  all research starts afresh with each new campaign. This also means that no unapproved third parties have access to the data (your email service provider is an example of an approved third party). Also, no research that we do for your lead generation campaign can be reused for any of our other clients.

7. We understand your challenges. Ourfounding team and trainers areexperienced in creating and growing businesses from the ground up and have faced similar challenges to you. Based in Dublin, Ireland, our team have worked for rapid growth tech companies, Fortune 500 companies, and have consulted to public sector organizations. We’ve experienced all aspects of business including rapid growth, cost-cutting, employee issues, and more.

8. Our highly efficient systems allow us to offer our clients such attractive pricing for the quality level of service they receive. Other providers may offer ways to find sales leads but none offer it in such a tailored, laser-focussed, easy to use, and low cost way.

9. You’ll feel more confident in your plans. With your lead generator onboard, you can now confidently plan your sales and marketing growth strategies knowing that there is an expert working tirelessly to bring in good sales leads for your business. You’ll also be able to leverage off our experience and knowledge of best practice across a variety of industries.

10. We make it easy for you. If you hired an extra staff member to do we do, you’d spend months finding the right person and then lose even more months training the new person. You’d also need to work out the right systems and tactics to adopt to bring in sales leads in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way. We take the hassle away. We’ll set you up with a supercharged lead generator  and start finding you excellent sales leads straight away. We’ll then monitor your lead generator’s performance and sort out any paperwork so you don't have to worry.

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