Why should I hire a lead generator?

  • You’ll get more customers and clients. You’ll have a well-structured, scalable system to bring in more leads, close more deals and make more sales every week. You have the freedom to request leads from specific websites, databases, social media or LinkedIn. We can find other sources, too, and filter by company size, industry, location, prospect seniority, groups of interest, and even by website plugins. Our lead generators can find almost any contact that is possible to find. Add to this, we’re experts in email outreach which often has the highest return of any marketing channel.
  • Save time on sales and marketing tasks. Your team is probably already stretched and doesn’t have the time and expertise for rapid sales research and outreach. Your new lead generator comes experienced and well equipped with premium subscriptions to automate manual work and provide you with quality prospects at the shortest time. Your lead generator will help you get more done in less time.
  • Perform market research to help you make better decisions. Your lead generator will help you quickly find new prospects and potential new industries. You’ll also learn which service offerings, positioning statements, and messages work best across the different variables such as job, company type, and industry.
  • Reduce headcount. Do you really want to add another costly employee to your team with all the extra effort required such hiring, salary, bonuses, goal setting, disciplinary meetings, sick days, and more? Let Brightest Minds do all the hard work for you. All you need to focus on is converting all those incoming leads into sales.
  • Keep your sales data current. If your team doesn’t have enough time to devote to updating your CRM database consistently and accurately on an ongoing basis, we can help you with manual data updates and/or by introducing automation where possible.
  • Motivate your best salespeople. There’s no better way than to support excellent salespeople than giving them a lead generator whose sole focus finding them hot sales leads to close. It’s a cost-effective way to help your all-stars get more done, close more deals, and stay focused on what really matters.
  • Reduce your admin burden. Don’t waste your sales & marketing team’s valuable time on routine administrative tasks. We can prepare and distribute monthly sales reports, create RFIs and presentations for sales meetings, track sales expenses, and file paperwork for reimbursement. 

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